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25 AI Companies in Healthcare and Medicine (2020)

Updated: Feb 24

AI Tools and Applications in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence tools have the basic goal to support and to offer a superior and faster resolution to issues. The benefits of artificial intelligence are noticed in the areas of human health care systems, health insurance plans, mental health analysis, health services, neural networks, association with robotics, public health and safety, transport automation, general data optimization, and many other areas.

Hence, in this article, we are going to share this revolutionary development along with its implementations to the healthcare sector. Even so, before initiating it, let us describe every tiny detail relating to Artificial Intelligence AI.

Artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning will influence and transform every aspect of our lives in the years to come. It includes improvements in health systems, procedures of treating diseases, and monitoring patients. Thus, the human needs to prepare for the upcoming era of AI. It is going to prove to become the expected victorious field of collaboration among human beings and machines. That’s not it, because it will supply the essential data in suitable ways, and also propose substitutive actions. Moreover, it has initiated to serve the healthcare delivery of bid data, test data patterns, organize data density, analyze uncertainties, and recommend steps to mitigate the risks.

Benefits of AI in the Healthcare System

The most helpful benefit of AI development is that it redesigns the healthcare sector wholly. It will assist medical experts in coming up with treatment strategies, problem-solving and locating the most applicable procedures to treat distinct patients. It also assists in handling the constant and tedious jobs to let doctors and nurses focus and pay attention to their original jobs rather than battling with the treadmill of the government.

Most likely it is going to enrich the experience of patients, practitioners, and hospital authorities by accomplishing jobs that humans perform, and that too, in no time and at the lowest possible cost.

Applications of AI in the Healthcare Sector

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, the good news is that it enables various implementations in the healthcare sector. In spite of utilizing it to explore the connection among chromosomes, to power operational automatons, or to augment the efficiency of a hospital. In a nutshell, AI applications have contributed to boosting the healthcare sector. What’s more, is that it generates notifications and prompts because it owns a knowledge-based system connected to the computer that alerts if the condition of a patient shifts. Most importantly, it scans workroom experiment results and sends notifications or cautions using an email service.

AI knowledge-based systems help in coming up with a possible analysis on the basis of the patient’s data. Above all, it helps in assessing and organizing a therapy, such as generating a therapy on the basis of the particular condition of a patient. Conclusively, one cannot stop thinking of ways to implement AI in healthcare systems.

Artificial Intelligence Predictions - AI vs Real Doctors

After getting an idea of Artificial Intelligence along with the benefits it provides to the healthcare sector, it is time to move forward. Now, the interesting thing is, can Artificial Intelligence really keep pace with the real doctors. In order to make it on the top in progressive technology, Artificial Intelligence in China is competing with its own practitioners as there is an advanced methodology declaring to discover the signs of brain cancer quicker and more precisely in comparison with the human doctors.

The vivid imagination behind the concept of Bio Mind hopes that this will ensure to omit any persisting uncertainties doctors have regarding AI. besides, they seem to contemplate it will never take the position of the doctors; instead, it will help in reducing their amount of work, considering this system a kind of GPS operated by humans.

China requires AI instantly since according to the reports, there are two doctors available for every one-thousand individuals, and on top of that, The country experiences a quickly aging community of people. Essentially, BioMind can shift its innovation to numerous hospitals throughout underdeveloped countries worldwide.

Mechanisms and employment of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sectors


The Artificial Intelligence of the AiCure optically verifies the drug intake using each and every smartphone. This platform facilitates persistent observing of the higher analytical power along with the sample size modifications in medical tests and enhanced health results in the health of the population. Total Funding Amount $75K

Amara Health Analytics

Amara supplies the current portentous accounts to assist the doctors in the initial discovery of the crucial disorder conditions. Initial discovery empowers quick response, resulting in better resolutions and diminishing the costs of healthcare.


Apixio, being the health analysis of data company utilizes progressive deep learning and adaptable data mining in order to provide the renters and purveyor approach to acumen that allow the best decision-making. Total Funding Amount $36.1M


Apple has marked its presence in the era of AI in no time. In the year 2016, it procured the Indian deep learning corporation known as Tuplejump Software while it tries to develop its prowess in the field of AI. Tumplejump developed software, which concentrates on organizing and evaluating a large amount of data swiftly.


Arterys provides cloud computing medicinal imaging analysis software to stimulate the conversion of data-directed medicines. The medicinal imaging analysis of the company

offers cloud-based medical imaging analytics software to accelerate the substantiate the potential of cloud-based and patronymic to assist the automatic after treatment, symptomatic, and curative conclusions. Total Funding Amount $43.7M


AtomNet is launched by Atomwise; it is the first patronymic technology for new tiny molecular diagnosis, designated by the velocity, preciseness, and heterogeneity. The company intends to decrease the expenses of medication advancement by utilizing microcomputer to foretell from the databank of infinitesimal compositions which implied medications will serve, plus which will not. Total Funding Amount $51.3M


Ayasdi is a superior analysis organization that allows an artificial intelligence program and intelligent implementations to big corporations. Its artificial intelligence program consolidates substantial data processing and massive data servers with deep learning, analytical and computational geometry along with Topological Data Analysis (TDA). Total Funding Amount $106.3M


Clinithink grants a demand for the data program that furnishes healthcare and anthropology companies the capacity to derive power from unorganized data. Owning identified an unorganized account as a valuable reference of data, Clix ENRICH access this untaxed source likely to advance analysis and supervising.


Its medicinal AI program benefits medicinal computation, deep learning technology, high-level human language technology, and an established medicinal contextual philosophy to enhance medicinal results and cost reductions. Total Funding Amount $5.3M


Enlitic applies patronymic to process actionable intelligence from an abundance of medicinal instances. The organization develops resolutions to assist physicians to benefit the combined intelligence of the medicinal center. Enlitic utilizes patronymic technologies, particularly some sorts of image identification, to accumulate the data arising from radiology concepts and implementing this in different pharmaceutical instances. Total Funding Amount $55M

Flatiron Health

This is a medical care innovation corporation governing the influence of real-life data to stimulate analysis and enhance cancer precautions. The organization operates with medical care servers, biology companies, and educational hubs to assemble, cluster, and interpret data for more than 1.5 million current cancer sufferer administration. Acquired by Roche

Flow Health

The organization intends to deliver customized, data-directed medication to doctors and undeviatingly to sufferers, aiming to explore beforehand concealed data to anticipate the origin of the illness, develop the accuracy of analysis and recognize individualized therapy to encourage doctors to come up with customized therapeutic suggestions and assist individuals to make better choices regarding their well-being. Data N/A

GE Healthcare

This furnishes assistance in therapeutic imaging and computerized information, medical analysis, patient observing methods, disorder analysis, medicinal chemistry, along with artificial intelligence. Number of Acquisitions 33

Google Deepmind Health

The company’s branch AI research originated a Google Deepmind application that is applied to organize the pharmaceutical reports to give more reliable and quicker health facilities. Google Deepmind, further is capable of processing an abundance of medical data, and that too, in a couple of minutes.

Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst is embedding machine learning as a core capability across the company’s entire product line in a technology initiative called It says optimized machine learning models are now built into every Health Catalyst application, enabling organizations to leverage the technology for purposes such as identifying patients who are most likely to acquire infections or those who may have trouble paying medical bills. Number of Acquisitions 2

IBM’s Watson

The drive of IBM’s Watson is possibly among the greatest popular and profoundly improved AI drive on the Earth. It originated Watson Health within 2015, and currently, IBM is persevering numerous drives and connections in the area of healthcare. Number of Investments 1


Imagen’s primary function is to build AI-based applications that can identify analytically important diagnostics in pharmaceutical images, along with an intention to keep sufferers well by presenting new acumens to promote early disorder classification and enhanced patient administration throughout giving them total care. Total Funding Amount $60M


Jvion administers a rational medicinal science that works as an automatic device. It initiates suggestions that assist medical care servers who require patient-level foresight, prioritization, arbitration, and recommendations in obtaining therapy resolutions. The tool gives the action-level suggestions, approved by a rational engine. Total Funding Amount $8.9M

Lucina Health

This also is creating a whole data analysis program to completely recognize the hazards and possible difficulties that pregnant ladies might come across. The data program of Lucina Health examines hazards, contingencies and gestation complexities to know consequences and expenses. Total Funding Amount $2M


Lumiata strives to enhance an individual’s standard of living and reduce the expense of medical care delivery by imminent modeling hazards related to health with data. This program utilizes real-time portentous analysis that supports clinical decision support for neurological systems and insurance companies give a greater quality of care to a lot of sufferers in no time. Total Funding Amount $31M


The company was established in the year 2012 and has generated portentous analysis resolutions for medical care. Medalogix presently suggests three resolutions - contact, link, and Subsistence. It proffers analytics-based group health administration resolutions that utilize a compound of imminent analysis, systems, and organizational intelligence generators to increase quality and decrease costs. Total Funding Amount $31M


MedAware got started by a professional group in the year 2012 with a comprehensive experience in marketing, information technology, along with the medicinal system, principally to undertake prescript errors. With the help of recognizing and limiting prescript errors in no time, the solution of MedAware protects lives, advances patient protection and importantly, decreases medical care expenses occurring from prescript errors and unfavorable drug issues. Total Funding Amount $4.5M

Microsoft Healthcare

NExT is starting to give AI machines in medical care, backing its intrepidity in cloud facilities. The latest drive, known as Healthcare NExT, is going to join work from subsisting business owners and the Research along with the AI systems of Microsoft to assist physicians to decrease data entry assignments, emphasize sick individuals a lot more effectively and facilitate ambulatory care.

NextHealth Technologies

It is a prescribed analysis and customer engagement organization that endeavors to decrease medical expenses. The SaaS platform of NextHealth harmonizes prescribed analysis, economics research, and varied channel customer engagement. Total Funding Amount $26.5M

Pathway Genomics

It contributes to electric medical care and hereditary experiment in its authorized medicinal lab, which gives doctors along with their sufferers with pragmatic and absolute accurate medical care data to promote well-being. Total Funding Amount $43M


Philips possesses the emerging IntelliSpace Mode 9.0, the newest version of its extensive, high-level optical interpretation and quantification program. Philips assists in radiologists’ identification, analysis, and monitoring of the medication of disorders whilst utilizing innovative deep learing capacities to help the doctor.


PathAI continues to generate deep learning technology to support archeologists in coming up with more specific analyses. The contemporary objects of the company cover decreasing errors in tumor analysis and improving techniques for individualized therapeutic therapy. Total Funding Amount $90.2M