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20 Examples of AI Tools for Sales

Updated: Feb 20

How To Be Successful With Artificial Intelligence Sales Tools

In pursuance of being successful in business to business commerce, there are some artificial intelligence sales tools that help in generating more professional possibilities and strikes deals as well.

Regularities that utilize intelligent retrieval can be encouraged to obtain some favorable results, then releasing a wholly new set of data to obtain those outcomes repeatedly, comprehending what is the best and what isn’t the best every time. This implies that advanced AI can examine client and candidate’s data, predict the prospects that are most expected to strike, suggest the most significant sales pursues to continue, estimate results, make the best use of pricing, etc.

What does Artificial Intelligence Sales Tools do?

These are some instances of what Artificial intelligence sales tools do:

● Scrutinize the leads that are most probable to change into deals.

● Scrutinize previous deals and explore the ways to utilize that data to organize new deals.

● Analyze your distribution channels and make extremely reliable sales projections.

● AI-powered acknowledgment to sales-representatives and recommendations throughout the live customer communications.

● Examine the best actions for sales associates to understand customer communication.

Artificial Intelligence sales tools transforming the sales world

AI Assist

Marketing automation solution that helps finance industries with lead generation, AI prospecting, nurturing, and sales.


A smart messaging software support businesses by creating, close sales faster, and enhance client service. employs artificial intelligence to document, decipher, and interpret sales pitch instantly, exhibiting why some deals can be acquired while some cannot. Instead of wasting hours analyzing complete sales pitch, Chorus breaks down a one-hour call into the important 5-minute talk by giving pragmatic feedback to take the deal to the next level.

Crystal Knows

This is a great tool for sales because Crystal provides sales personality characterizations for the individuals they come across. It describes profile information throughout the media networks, such as LinkedIn, and many more.


The Collective manages among the most extensive systems of business data and that is consolidated with AI along with predictive analysis to generate statistics.


Conversica is, actually, a personalized online program that instinctively communicates, employs, nourishes qualifies, and monitors the leads through natural, two-sided email communication until that lead changes into a possibility. Not merely is it quicker at recognizing sales lead, but it even blocks the loopholes on post-sales, formulating a customized experience for clients impulsively.


Drift is the global leading communicational marketing and commerce program that assists businesses to connect with the clients who are willing to purchase. Because of its swiftly growing set of devices and manuscripts, Drift is heading businesses to the customer-oriented revolution by practicing communications to unlock rapid growth. regulates communications with leads via email or chat. Marketing and sales groups employ Exceed to generate more leads also estimate their pipelines. Contrary to other communicational marketing programs, Exceed utilizes AI to interpret lead intention & answer with the best message.


Nudge is one of the artificial intelligence sales tools that encourage sales leaders to stimulate high performance. They utilize AI and intelligent retrieval in order to keep the CRM 100% upgraded with each contact, each communication, and each association.’s main objective is to support teams to achieve more business deals with higher distinctness into their efforts and productivity. It manages sales activity data to analyze where sales groups invest their time, uses data to recognize inactive deals, provides early notification alerts regarding slowing-down deals, and builds an activity-based master plan of action for each possibility.


PersistIQ reviews the effectiveness of the sales activity and suggests acumens and recommendations to sales professionals to assist them in tailoring their work accordingly. Sales professionals can customize their experience and inspect the data via diverse sales prospects with PersistIQ.


Advertised as an intelligent bot for the sales team, Troops promotes sales professionals to regulate their work plans and adjusts them with multi-functional groups, such as Marketing, Product Administration, etc. It assists in pulling data from Salesforce by making it simpler to utilize, advertise, and change in a Slack program.

Salesforce Einstein

It is a panel of AI that addresses forecasts and suggestions on the basis of your distinct sales process and customer information.


Sisense is a unique artificial intelligence application that helps in making it simpler for customers to arrange, interpret, and envision complicated data. Sisense provisions a terminal solution for gearing developing data sets via various sources coming out-of-the-box with the capability of crunching data percentages and help hundreds of customers-- all of them on one commodity web server.


StataPile is also an AI application created to increase sales and assistance by reviewing each customer’s communication.


Narrative Science’s Quill is a human language processor for businesses inclusive of the salesforce. It interprets online along with analytical data to recognize the details, information, and expression that are significant for your sales business.


Zoovu is the latest AI-oriented communicational search program aiding clients to search for the things they look for with the help of communication. They transform each search into a communication leading to a productive purchasing experience for the user, the business, and also the retailer.


Wingman is an instant sales guiding application that provides sales representatives with the correct data at the appropriate moment, whilst they remain on the call. It instinctively connects sales calls on the basis of the communication, cue-cards appear to encourage sales representatives responding to customer complaints, problems, and behavior recommendations.

Zoho Zia

The communicational AI sales representative, Zia probes the data and the jobs of the representatives that they accomplish each day to analyze the result of sales projects. Zia even gives resolutions to perform these actions in a more active and quicker manner. Tact’s mission is to deliver frictionless selling by a new method of the work plan for sales. It’s one of the most successful artificial intelligence sales tools that removes resistance over the revenue period and produces a single pane view to the user.