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45 Examples of AI Tools in Social Media - (2020)

Updated: May 8

Speeding up Changes, the tools and its challenges

Digital marketing and IT teams face many challenges and opportunities. Ultimately Artificial Intelligence will help organizations to grow stronger and faster. Through ai and machine learning, companies have a better understanding of their field. They now know the strategies and tactics that their opponents are implementing. Also a better understanding of their customers.

Artificial Intelligence comes into action, solving such challenges in real-time. Helping business professionals to find unique solutions. So they can keep not just the sales engine running, but create blue ocean markets. Most marketing efforts have innovated and advanced from the traditional approach. They have moved on to digital. Companies must make use of unconventional digital marketing strategies.

Companies are using machine learning to improve their customers’ journeys. This changes the social media campaigns in a fundamental way. It is also able to forecast results. It is a brave new world, and technologies are moving fast. Into a world where AI and Marketing are joint together. AI, Predictive Insights, and Machine Learning are the new normal. They will help marketers be much more efficient, creating wonders in a vast number of fields.

AI Influences On Social Media

AI is a game-changer. It has been one of the most influential technologies since the dawn of time. It is changing the way social media marketing functions and impacting it in a positive way. Listed below are some of the marvelous ways AI is modifying social media marketing.

Instagram - AI-driven usages

Explore Page and Search Function

Via the use of tags and trending information, Instagram users are able to find photos for quite a bit. A particular activity, topic or event or discover experiences. As well as restaurants, and places around the world that are trending. Enabled by tagging, the search tools help Instagram users discover things of interest. Among the millions of uploaded images. The influencer marketing strategy is a very effective one on this platform, too. A new kind of marketer has come into the scene due to these advancements: social media marketers.

Target Advertising

To make the data that Instagram collects valuable, it must extract customer insights. So it can produce data-driven information that is valuable. Instagram can sell advertising to companies. They do this by assessing the search preferences. Also the engagement insights from its users. This is a great marketing tool for those who want to target audiences that are specific, which reflects your understanding of your audience. They might be the most interested in personalizing content. Since Facebook with 1.8 billion users owns Instagram they have a powerful tool. That is a network of analytics information to help target advertising. It aids their customer’s content strategy. Basing it on what people like, who they follow and interact with, and what they save. For this, social media platforms have proven to be very effective.

Instagram uses artificial intelligence to fight spam. The spam filter is able to remove fake messages from accounts. Instagram uses Facebook’s artificial intelligence text analytics.

Fight Cyberbullying and Delete Offensive Comments

Using DeepText to identify spam Instagram has found a solution to a specific problem. They use it to identify comments that violate their Community Guidelines. Humans reviewed actual Instagram posts to help DeepText learn what is offensive. If the algorithm finds something offensive, it is immediately removed. Facial Recognition in Facebook

With Facebook Facial Recognition, tagging someone on a picture has been made a lot easier. It automatically recognizes the individual on the image thus saving us a lot of time all thanks to AI.


The company has leveraged the use of AI. They have done it to provide the right recommendations to job seekers and companies. LinkedIn and Bright collaborated in the improvement of some features. It also makes accurate suggestions and recommendations for recruiters and job seekers. So that they find exactly what they are looking for. LinkedIn is able to do this by analyzing a few things.


The SOME channel is definitely not left behind in the efficient use of AI. Kosei is a data software company. It was acquired by Pinterest some time ago. They have been working to include the personalized recommendation feature. This allows Pinterest the ability to give recommendations that are user-specific. Also to target a user’s interests.

Slack bots

They have made it possible for marketers to develop effective social media posts. Also to promote their products and services in a more innovative way. Content that actually works can now be crafted without a marketer having to guess. Slack bots also play a huge role in content marketing. They analyze all the posts related to the niche that is being posted on social media platforms. They then compare posts on social media platforms with other similar posts. Thus helping in predicting the post that would be most successful

Text Mining and Marketing Automation

Machine learning and AI has introduced the use of text mining and automation. Text mining helps in discovering buyers’ tastes and preferences. It achieves this in two ways. Analyzing both structured and unstructured data across social media platforms. This helps in the prediction of customer behavior. The resource of natural language processing comes into play here as well.

Voice Search The voice search has now arisen noticeably. This praise is because of artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants. Plenty of algorithms are getting used to identifying speech and assisting in changing it to the desired searches. Voice recognition strategy is for assuring the top-quality results of searches. This also proves to maximize the experience of the customer. Marketers use voice searches like their assistant for helping their respective clients through whole purchasing experience or in the closing time of the deal.

Below you will find a list of 45+ powerful list of AI tools to leverage your Social Media and Digital results.

Acquisio Turing

A set of 30 predictive algorithms working together to ingest search marketing campaign data across platforms. Data such as seasonality, times of day, times of the week, location, positioning, ad platform, campaign, and others enable the platform to self-learn and make a smart bid and budget decisions in real-time. @acquisio

Atomic Reach

Delivers a deep understanding of what makes your content perform and how to perfect it. @Atomic_Reach


AI and machine-learning technology that helps brands deliver messaging experiences that are tailor-made for each individual consumer and dynamically optimizes conversion for the best results. @automat_inc


An open and intelligent platform for businesses to build, extend, personalize, analyze, test and optimize their digital experiences across all channels. @bloomreachinc

Boost Linguistics

AI-powered platform for your team to drive revenue by personalizing search and browse experiences at scale and AI to improve site structure, content, and landing pages, maximizing SEO at scale and driving traffic. @boost_ling


Connects, unlocks, and activates data to help high-growth B2B SaaS organizations to acquire new buyers, grow revenue, and improve customer experience. @calibermind


Uses AI to analyze people’s behavior towards content at scale in order to prescribe what you should create next to maximize engagement and ROI. @concured


AI Sales Assistant helps companies find and secure customers more quickly and efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads via natural, multi-channel, two-way conversations. @myconversica


Market and competitive intelligence tools to track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside of the four walls of your business. @Crayon

Cortex A social media content optimization platform for marketers and agencies to continuously improve post engagement. @meetcortex


One Platform for all marketing data, investments, KPIs, and decisions to connect data, report across channels and campaigns, and surface the right insights instantly. @Datorama

Demandbase ABM

A comprehensive set of ABM solutions driven by artificial intelligence: platform, targeting, engagement, conversion. @Demandbase


A conversational marketing and sales platform (chatbot) that connects your business with the best leads in real-time. Like a virtual assistant for your website, Drift lets you turn any conversation into a conversion. @drift


Understand each contact as an individual customer and execute highly personalized campaigns at scale with AI solutions. @emarsys


The AI-driven platform supporting marketers in creating content with impact, finding untapped trends and resonating digital assets for target audiences. @findtheripple

Genie AI-powered recommendation engine from Grey Jean Technologies that provides accurate predictions of consumer purchase behavior. @getgenie

Google Cloud AI

Build chatbots, do an analysis of video, images, and text. @gcpcloud


Content Strategy Tool helps marketers discover and validate new content ideas that perform well. @hubspot

IBM Watson

Cognitive marketing platform that provides journey pattern analysis, real-time personalization, marketing insights, weather effects, and cognitive tagging.



Demand Orchestration platform that learns from each interaction to improve engagement and accelerate demand at large B2B enterprises. Automates 1:1 engagement with target accounts, at scale & across all digital channels. @idioplatform


The Creator Engine leverages machine learning and data-driven analytics to automatically tell you which actions to take to build quality into your content. Features include topic research, workflow management, content quality analyzer and customizable service integrations. @intellyo


Enables granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, gain real-time intelligence about who’s calling and analyze what’s being said in conversations. @invoca


Artificial intelligence-powered “learning to rank” technology that helps retailers build stronger customer loyalty, higher conversions, and increased revenues. @Jetlore


Explainable Artificial Intelligence platform for government, financial services, and healthcare with AI products that analyze massive amounts of data, making organizations and people 100X smarter, 100X faster. @kynditech


Text Analytics & Survey Analysis with customizable Sentiment Analysis, Categorization & Named Entity Extraction. The platform leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to allow enterprises to create custom analytics solutions to address their unique data problems. @lexalytics


Machine learning personalization recommendation and discovery engine enable every website and app to have a 1:1 “conversation” with users. @liftigniter


A solution from Equals 3 powered by Watson. Lucy delivers insightful conclusions, refined segmentation analysis, killer marketing plans, and world-conquering media strategies. @equals3ai


An intelligent messaging platform that helps businesses generate more leads, close sales faster, and improve client service. @chat_path Automatically capture all sales activity to drive intelligent sales management and marketing insights. @ppl_ai

Quill by Narrative Science

Powered by Advanced Natural Language Generation, Quill is an intent-driven system that automatically transforms data into Intelligent Narratives at scale, in conversational language anyone can understand. @narrativesci

Rocco An AI-powered social media marketing agency that will suggest fresh content that your followers are likely to engage with. @Rocco_Ai

Salesforce Einstein

A layer of artificial intelligence that delivers predictions and recommendations based on your unique business processes and customer data. @salesforce

Sentient Ascend

A patented AI Conversion Optimization solution that mimics biological evolution, enabling it to quickly learn, adapt and react to determine the best performing design from the building blocks you provide. @sentientdai


Facebook and Instagram advertising automation and optimization platform with machine learning. @smartlyio


Introduced AI-driven user experience mapping to rapidly comprehend the chosen audience. Reveal their associations, preferences, interested, and influencers - everything in just a single sturdy application. Besides, social media records, omnichannel reports, content devising, smooth implementation, and community administration.


AI-powered enterprise platform to discover, manage and display the most engaging user-generated visual content across all marketing touchpoints. @stackla


A social media analysis software employs artificial intelligence to allow the user to pay attention to the things that matter, measure sentiment analysis and gain time, and that too, whilst increasing efficiency.

The Grid

Molly, an AI-powered web design platform uses machine learning combined with constraint-based design and flow-based programming to make form dynamically adapt to content. @thegrid

Unmetric Xia provides AI-powered social media marketing insights to create compelling content. @unmetric


Vestorly uses artificial intelligence to build personalized touchpoints with news, blogs, or your own content. @vestorly


A solution from Automated Insights that uses natural language generation to convert data into content. @ainsights

An artificial intelligence personal assistant who schedules meetings for users. @xdotai


Artificial intelligence software writes and explains data in six languages using natural language generation. @YseopAI


Marketing Automation powered by AI. @zetaglobal

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