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Best AI Jobs, and Top Recruitment Softwares

Updated: Mar 30

Specialists of Artificial Intelligence: Moneymaking jobs f

Currently, the employment industry owns a laborious effort in associating with AI job applicants. Therefore, the Artificial Intelligence technology industry is expanding rapidly and the locating and bringing in the best applicants' experience is becoming a difficult task, so a human employer needs the finest AI tech to resolve this difficulty. The description of the task, talent management, culture fit, hiring quality are a few of the recruiting supervisors’ needs and headhunting has become extremely time-taking that AI employment has become a new hot topic in Artificial Intelligence.

Highest-Paying AI Jobs are becoming a hot topic and popular search on Google. Innumerable students and professionals are wondering about the requirements to get an "AI chair". If you are one of those people, below you will find a listing of the best 5 most needed Artificial Intelligence and deep learning jobs by the technological organizations.

The below mentioned are the most demanded theoretical experiences of job employers with the highest-paying AI jobs.

Big data developer

Undoutebded;y a crucial role among many of the artificial intelligence jobs. Applicants in the area perform an important role in generating a natural system, which facilitates businesses to correspond with each other to compose relevant data. Specialists who have a Ph.D. degree in mathematics, information technology, or a relevant department are the most demanded by the best organizations.

Big data developers categorically are given tasks, such as devising, crafting, and engineering the big data on Hadoop or Spark frameworks. Also, the participants are needed to own important programming experience of C++, Python, Scala, and Java, and experience involving in data extracting, data visualizing, and data migrating. Though the listing of elements is enormous and hard, they possess the highest-paying jobs in AI with $151,307 as an average yearly salary.

Business information engineer

The requirement for business information engineers is growing quickly because Artificial Intelligence has initiated to convert new businesses and enterprises throughout the world. The primary goal is to measure a complicated set of data to recognize businesses and market evolutions and incorporate the BI engineer’s position. This kind of engineer has $92,278 as an average yearly salary and performs an essential part in enhancing the general results of the business. The primary duties of the business intelligence engineer are crafting, forming, and maintaining complex data in greatly convenient cloud computing data applications.

In order to become a business information engineer, you must have an AI engineering or information technology bachelor’s degree. Expertise in business information tech, data (warehousing, designing, and mining) and SQL (questions, integrated server service, reporting server service) are required for being an ideal applicant for the available job.

Data Analytics Specialist

Data analytics specialists perform a significant job in generating algorithms that allow the amalgamation and cleansing of data for analyzing. They collaborate, evaluate, and decipher huge, many-sided sets of data by providing benefits to intelligent retrieval and predictive analysis. With $120,931 as an average yearly salary, applicants contemplating to get a job in the analysis of data are required to organize massive data applications along with tools, such as Hive, Map Reduce, Spark, Python, SQL, Hadoop, Pig, Perl, and Scala. To get in this, you will need a Ph.D. in information technology or a master’s degree as these are the pre-requisites to play the role of AI.

Machine Learning developer

A machine learning developer is mainly accountable for the construction and management of programs for machine learning projects. They get $114,856 as an average yearly salary and are critical for AI assignments and are suitable for the people with a solid background in industrial science and information technology. Fundamentally, candidates for this profession are expected to exhibit profound knowledge of various functional programming linguistics, for instance, Java, Scala, and Python.

Consequently, if you want to become a machine learning developer, you must be capable to manage prediction analytics and support human language technology or natural language processing, while operating on huge sets of data. Deep machine learning and neuronal net, predominant network programming expertise, analysis expertise, and background with cloud computing platforms are the fundamental characteristics that recruiting businesses demand you to possess.

Research Worker

Research workers are specialists in diverse AI regulations, such as intelligent retrieval, deep machine learning, applied maths, and statistical computing. To land a job in this profession, you should procure comprehensive knowledge in machine perception, visual examples, human language technology, and even reinforcement learning.

Besides the expertise, research workers are usually demanded to own masters or Ph.D. degrees in information technology. Its average yearly salary is $99,809, so specialists in this department are extremely inquired. This is preselected of the things that are supposed to determine: parallel processing, grid processing, intelligent retrieval, and finally, artificial intelligence.

Some AI jobs will get you a higher salary than others will. According to, here is a list of the Top 10 paying AI-related jobs, and their average salary in the US.

  1. Director of analytics : $140,837

  2. Principal scientist : $138,271

  3. Machine learning engineer : $134,449

  4. Computer vision engineer : $134,346

  5. Data scientist : $130,503

  6. Data engineer : $125,999

  7. Algorithm engineer : $104,112

  8. Computer scientist : $ 97,850

  9. Statistician : $ 83,731

  10. Research engineer : $71,600

Top hiring companies for Artificial Intelligence roles

These are the leading employers (AI Tech Giants) who hired top AI talent over the past years:

  • Accenture

  • Adobe

  • Amazon

  • Facebook

  • IBM

  • Intel

  • Lenovo

  • Microsoft

  • MoTek Technologies


  • PCO Innovation

  • Rakuten Marketing

  • Samsung

  • Uber

  • Wells Fargo

* Source:

Here are the job openings percentages for the 10 most in-demand AI jobs worldwide, and the percentage of overall AI jobs they make up:

  1. Software engineer (8.48%)

  2. Data scientist (5.95%)

  3. Intern (5.39%)

  4. AI researcher (5.17%)

  5. Intelligence specialist (4.94%)

  6. Consultant (4.6%)

  7. AI data analyst (3.82%)

  8. Machine learning engineer (3.62%)

  9. Sales engineer (3.14%)

  10. Product manager (3.08%)

*Source : Most common job titles - job offerings

  • Top city for AI recruitment: Montreal, Canada,

  • Top city for the most AI job listings: New York City

  • Top city with the most AI enterprises: San Francisco Bay Area

  • Top cities for AI-related searches: Washington, DC, Ottawa, and Canada

  • Top city for AI courses :

Location Academic Program Concentration (U.S. as a whole)

  1. Montreal University of Montreal 2.50

  2. Salt Lake City University of Utah 2.11

  3. Willington University of Pennsylvania 2.10

  4. Jacksorrole University of North Florida 1.61

  5. Orrarka University of Nebraska 1.57

  6. Phoenix AZ State University 1.56

  7. Tampa University of South Florida 1.54

  8. Dallas University at Texas at Dallas 1.43

  9. Portland University of Maine 1.39

  10. Charlotte Un.of North Carolina 1.38

  11. New York Columbia University 1.37

  12. Denier University at Colorado 1.25

  13. Boston Harvard University 1.00

  14. Buffalo University of Buffalo 1.15

  15. Chicago University or Chicago 1.15

  16. St Louis Washington University 1.14

  17. Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon 1.11

  18. Atlanta GA Institute of Technology 1.07

  19. Austin University of Texas 1.03

  20. San Francisco Stanford University 1.00

  21. Baltimore University of PA a-y-land 0.98

  22. Boise Boise State University 0.98

  23. Raleigh-Dham North Carolina State Un. 0.89

  24. Detroit University of Michigan 0.85

  25. Los Angeles University of California -LA 0.62

Types of AI Careers or AI courses currently available:

  • Algorithm specialists.

  • Computer scientists and computer engineers.

  • Graphic art designers, digital musicians, entertainment producers, textile manufacturers and architects.

  • Manufacturing and electrical engineers.

  • Mechanical engineers and maintenance technicians.

  • Medical health professionals working with artificial limbs, prosthetics, hearing aids, and vision restoration devices.

  • Military and aviation electricians working with flight simulators, drones, and armaments.

  • Post-secondary professors at technical and trade schools, vocational centers and universities.

  • Research scientists and engineering consultants.

  • Software analysts and developers.

  • Surgical technicians working with robotic tools.


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